Meeting Calendar

We meet the second Monday of each month (please note exceptions), September through June, at 7:00 pm at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 41 Park Street, Manchester, CT. Meetings begin at 7:00 pm (doors open 6:45 pm). We welcome guest attendance.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016
Propagate and Share Indoor Plants  
Jeff Elevell, The Plant Guy from The People Plant Connection will be presenting a program on Propagating and Sharing Indoor Plants. The People Plant Connection, located in Berlin, does a number of programs at assisted living facilities, schools, and for homebound residents. Their site states "Any act, hobby, or task that relieves tension aids in physical and emotional well being."

OCTOBER 8, 2016
Art in the Garden, 90TH Anniversary Celebration
The Manchester Garden Club, celebrating it’s 90th anniversary this year, will hold a event entitled "Art in the Garden" at the Manchester History Center, 175 Pine Street on October 8th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. more info

NOVEMBER 14, 2016
Bonsai Basics - Illusion vs. Reality: Todd Hansen
Design and horticultural techniques will be discussed and demonstrated. Todd has been a guest lecturer on Bonsai at the Connecticut Flower Show, is the past President of the Bonsai Society of Greater Hartford, and has formal Bonsai training and years of dedicated independent study with Bonsai masters around the world. He says anyone that can grow a houseplant can grow a Bonsai, you just need a little more information.

Holiday Party

JANUARY 9, 2017
Cooking with Herbs: Janet Butler
Janet, a Coventry resident, has been a Master Gardener for 25 years. She has taught, had a radio program, and has been featured in local newspapers and national magazines. She will be speaking about cooking with herbs and will be bringing samples and recipes using herbs.

FEBRUARY 13, 2017
House Plants for Four Exposures: Karla Dalley
Karla, a freelance garden writer and lecturer, garden designer, water gardening expert and self-employed garden designer will be lecturing on houseplants. Her first gardening experience dates back to when she was three and she used to run ahead of her dad's reel mower "saving" the Johnny Jump Ups! You might have met her at Gledhill Nursery in West Hartford, where she once worked. Currently she is the garden columnist for West Hartford Magazine and the Book Reviewer for the Connecticut Horticulture Society and has a gardening blog, "Gardendaze."

MARCH 13, 2017
Rain Gardens and Bioswales: Kevin Grindle
Kevin will be discussing land planning with rain gardens and bioswales, helping us to incorporate gardens with drainage issues, driveway sight lines, zoning compliance with fences, walls, and other structures.

APRIL 10, 2017
Autumn Gardens: Marie Lipski
Marie, a Certified Advanced Master Gardner, Master Naturalist, and Conservationist will be helping us plan in the Spring for the special beauty of an Autumn garden and how to ease them into Winter.

MAY 8, 2017
Invasive Ornamentals and Ecological Mindfulness: Jacob Gardner
Our 2016 Scholarship recipient will be our guest speaker. Jacob will touch upon a few common and economically important invasive plants, what makes them invasive, and some alternatives that are either native or, at the very least, less damaging to the natural environment. The goal of this talk is to begin the conversation about how to be a gardener while maintaining a partnership with the natural ecosystem.

JUNE, 2017
Members' Year-End Party