Meeting Calendar

We meet the second Monday of each month (please note exceptions), September through June, at Center Congregational Church, 11 Center Street, Manchester, CT. Meetings begin at 7:00 pm (doors open 6:45 pm). Parking is next door behind the Manchester Town Hall. We welcome guest attendance.

Hannah Reichle: Emerald Ash Borer - A Threat to New England
Hannah is a lover of the nature and an avid explorer of the outdoors.  She attended the University of Connecticut at Storrs and received a B.S. in Natural Resources, and continues to display her passion for sustainable management while pursuing her master's degree at the University of New Haven. Hannah has prior work experience with the DEEP, commercial greenhouses and community outreach and educational programs. Her hope is to obtain a PhD in human dimensions and study how our actions impact the natural world. Hannah enjoys running, hiking, backpacking, native gardening, and anything friendly with a wagging tail or pointy ears.

OCTOBER 21, 2019
Larry Huzi: Autumnal Creative Designs
This floral design presentation will feature five autumnal creative designs highlighting texture, color and mechanics. Materials such as wood, leaves, paper and wire will be used for a lush organic appearance. Techniques will be explained in step by step detail. Larry hopes to inspire the audience with attention-getting, bold designs.

Larry is a member of the Garden Club of Orange, CT Judges Council and the Creative Arrangers of CT.

NOVEMBER 11, 2019
John Root: Songbirds of the Northeast
Learn the role of the songbirds's song, their diet, social behavior and adaptations for survival. Enjoy photographs and listen to the recordings of their songs. How to attract songbirds to your yard by creating a hospitable habitat will be discussed.

John is a Certified Organic Landscape Professional and is an Apprentice Nurseryman at Triple Brook Farm in Southhampton, MA. His background includes graduate Study in Botany at the University of Maryland and UNC at Chapel Hill.

DECEMBER 9, 2019
Holiday Party

JANUARY 13, 2020
MGC DVD: Keukenhof Gardens and The Dutch Flower Parade
Keukenhof, 35 kilometers southwest of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, is one of the most spectacular spring gardens in the world. Some seven million tulip, hyacinth, daffodil, lily and more bulbs are planted every year that blossom into lavish, artfully designed flower beds on an area covering 79 acres. The DVD will highlight the gardens, pavilions and boat tours around the fields. The Dutch Flower Parade is also featured.

FEBRUARY 10, 2020
Karla Dalley: Trade Secrets: An Insider’s Guide to How Plants Come to Market and More
Karla's lecture is about plant testing, why plants fail to thrive, how to buy the best plants for your garden --and more. It's a combination of tips, tricks and secrets that she has learned over the years at plant conferences and as a shrub tester for the Proven Winners brand.

Currently Karla is the garden columnist for West Hartford Magazine and the Book Reviewer for the Connecticut Horticulture Society, as well as the sole author of theorganic gardening blog, "Gardendaze."

MARCH 9, 2020
Adam Wheeler: Underutilized and Exceptional Native Trees and Shrubs
Join Horticulture Manager Adam Wheeler of Broken Arrow Nursery for this informative and educational lecture that explores the unique and exceptional side of our native flora. Adam will present his current favorite native trees and shrubs for general garden use including design considerations, cultural requirements and other critical details.  Both novice and experts alike will find value in the details provided.

APRIL 13, 2020

MAY 11, 2020
Laurie Masciandaro: Connecticut’s Historic Gardens
Fifteen historic sites dotted throughout the state, with historically significant gardens have joined to form Connecticut’s Historic Gardens. Laurie is currently Site Manager at Historic New England's Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, CT, where she presides over one of the historic gardens. 

JUNE 8, 2020
Members' Year-End Party